New audio recordings depict alleged abuse by Jorge and Carmen Barahona

Victor Barahona's foster mother interviewed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The accounts of alleged abuse that a 10-year-old Victor Barahona and his twin sister, Nubia, suffered at the hands of their adoptive parents is now being made public.

Those accounts come from Victor's foster mother, who was interviewed by investigators. She said that the little boy and his twin sister were left scarred, both inside and out.

Paramedics pulled Victor from a pickup truck on the side of Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach on Valentine's Day one year ago. He was survived badly burned, but his twin sister Nubia did not.

Her body was found doused in chemicals in the back of that same truck. Weeks later, Victor told his story to his foster mother, Katia Garcia, about life with his adoptive parents, Jorge and Carmen Barahona. 

"He really didn't want to remember, perhaps, but he did," Garcia said in an interview with investigators in June of 2011.

Victor was placed in Garcia's care, after Carmen and Jorge Barahona were charged with murder for Nubia's death and also with the abuse of both children. Victor told Garcia about endless physical abuse, allegedly at the hands of Jorge. 

"His father hit him with a mop stick," she said. "There's another scar on his lip and he said that is where his father punched him."

The graphic recollections a little boy confiding in a foster mom continued. 

"He saw some of my eyelashes and then he said his was shut with Crazy Glue and lost all of his lashes when he opened his eyes," said Garcia recalling one of the moments Victor told her about. 

Victor told Garcia that his adoptive father poured hot sauce in the boy's ears, eyes, nose and mouth and that he submerged Nubia's bound hands and feet in Clorox bleach and other household chemicals in the family's bathtub. 

"He did talk to me about her having her mouth taped as well and her ankles and wrists tied," she said to investigators.

Also among the information released by the Miami-Dade District Attorney's Office on Monday was evidence that investigators took from the Barahona home, including empty Pine Sol and Draino bottles.

The Barahonas have both pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and child abuse charges. Trial dates have not yet been set.

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