Netanyahu's speech at U-N is seen as an effort to generate new international pressure on Iran

Israeli PM's Iran warning seen as signature moment

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There's always a part of Matt Weisbaum in Israel.

"It was a privilege to become an Israeli citizen. For three thousand years, we've called Israel home," said Weisbaum.

For ten years starting in 2000, the South Florida native lived there, giving tours of his ancestral homeland.
He also helped produce a documentary warning of a nuclear Iran which is called "Uranium."

He saw Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drawing a line against Iran's nuclear program, as a "Finally" moment.

"I see what Netanyahu did today, as raising the red flag and giving the world the opportunity to do what it should be doing," said Weisbaum.

Luis Fleischman is so concerned about a nuclear Iran, that warning posters line his office walls at the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

He expects Netanyahu's moment of clarity to bring American and Israeli negotiators closer together and that a public rift over Israel's talk of force will fade - for now.

"I think there is still more room for sanctions. At this point, most of the sanctions are against oil and oil products. They are not what is called, 'comprehensive sanctions.'"

He says could cripple Iran's economy to the point where Iran never crosses the line into becoming a nuclear power. He feels for the Iranian people, many of whom are hostage to their government's ambition.

"I think the people of Israel and the people of Iran don't want a war," said Fleischman.
Weisbaum says friends and relatives there are still being run through emergency drills in case an attack comes.

"In Israel, our back is against the wall," said Weisbaum.

NewsChannel 5 made an extensive effort to chat with people who have family in Iran, but several groups contacted could not find people who were available to talk.

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