Neighbors want help for West Palm Beach woman they say sleeps outside with her cats

Authorties have been to the woman's home before

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A West Palm Beach woman is refusing the help her neighbors say she desperately needs due to filth and felines all over her property. 

Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control is among several agencies that have recently visited Patricia Singleterry's home to try to help, but her neighbors say she needed help months ago.

"She sleeps outside. That's ridiculous," said one of Singleterry's neighbors, who wished not to be identified. "She has no way to fend anybody off. She's frail. She's old," he said.  "It's not safe. It's not healthy."

Singleterry's neighbors at the Tavares Mobile Home Park are worried about her. They say the elderly woman has been living on her porch surrounded by dozens of cats and piles of garbage. "She can't use the restroom," said Patricia Padgett, another concerned resident. "She can't go in the house."

These residents say Singleterry does not go inside because there is no room to do so. 

"Front door, back door, windows - full with garbage," said Padgett, describing the property.

These neighbors say they have called for help from the health department, the sheriff's office and animal control.  But each time, her neighbors say Singleterry tells authorities to go away.

Singleterry says she does not go inside of her home because her air conditioner is broken. She said she is not housing more animals than the county allows. Singleterry said she has nine cats of her own, and any other felines are roaming her property from other places.

Neighbors believe this woman will spend this night like she spends most every night - on her porch with her cats and surrounded by filth. 

"I think she may want help but I don't think she wants change," said Singleterry's neighbor. "I think, to her, change is frightening."

Animal Care & Control is planning to go back out to Singleterry's property later this week. 

Authorities say if she is not breaking any rules and she is choosing to stay in her current situation, there may not me much anyone can do.

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