Nancy Pierre: West Palm Beach babysitter accused of pointing knife at children

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A babysitter who was hired to watch more than one child has been arrested on child abuse charges.

West Palm Beach police said on Wednesday they were contacted by a woman who spotted a child sitting on the edge of Division Avenue without any adult supervision.

The child told the woman that her mother was at work and she did not know her home number.

Police say the child also told the woman that the person who was supposed to be watching the children pointed a knife at them and said "I'm sick and tired of you" and left.

The sitter according to the child told them "have fun and do whatever you want in the house".

A Department of Children and Families worker told police that the sitter left without giving the children dinner and was told that she pointed a knife at them.

Police were able to use cellphone numbers to determine that Nancy Pierre was the sitter who left the home.

Officers said that Pierre initially told police that an adult had returned to the house to supervise the children before she left.

Pierre then told them that a family member was sick and that's why left.  Police arrested Pierre and charged her with four counts of child abuse.

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