Muses and Visionaries helping female entrepreneurs

Women find affordable office space

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Erica Dunhill is preparing invitations for a big event. Her office is in a large office space. "It's a great environment to come into work and it's almost like a support system in a way."
The support system for the photographer and calligrapher, is sharing office space with almost 30 women. Some of the women are wedding planners, photographers or own a public relations company.

Erin Rossito, Co-Founder of Muses and Visionaries opened the large office space in downtown West Palm Beach. Erin said, "Members are from a variety of fields and depending on their level of membership, they have access to the space, WiFi, printing, they have full use of conference room and they can visit with clients."

Members pay from 125 to 800 dollars a month to rent a spot in the office. Erin said instead of working from home, the women can meet customers in a professional working environment.

"One of the best benefits about a shared work space is the reduction of costs. So it will allow a woman to come into a place without the overhead of having her own office. They have all of the utilities taken care of, there's coffee, there's printing. There's a variety of different places to sit here. If you want to get comfortable and be more informal, there is the sofa. If you like to be at a desk or there's the conference room, there are different options."

Options Erica is counting on to help her business succeed. "Just seeing it has an inspiration all its own."

Muses and Visionaries
201 S. Narcissus Avenue
West Palm Beach


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