Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 awakens memories for family of missing WPB sailor David Dyche

David Dyche, crew of the Nina disappeared in June

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla -- - Gone at sea without a trace.

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is reawakening tough memories for the West Palm Beach family who finally said goodbye to a local sailor who disappeared off the coast of New Zealand.

"I'd give anything in the world to see him come in and smile," said Caryl Dyche, the mother of missing sailor David Dyche.

Dyche and his crew aboard the Nina disappeared June 4, 2013 as they sailed from New Zealand to Australia.

It all happened in nearly the same area crews are now searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.

"We kept thinking while they were searching for the airplane, maybe they've find a live preserver or something. I said nothing has ever been found," said Caryl Dyche.

Both situations happened in the similar area and both are gone without a trace.
"It brought it all back. And then also the confusion that they think it's here and then there and then somewhere else. And it was the same way with ours," said Cherie Martinez, the twin sister of David Dyche.

Martinez said she feels for the families of those who were on board the missing Malaysian Airlines airplane. She understands that without any body or wreckage, closure is nearly impossible.

"Until you find something, you always have that open-ended hope. And that's how it is with us," said Cherie Martinez.

It is why a crowd gathered on Wednesday night in West Palm Beach, to finally let go.

"I'm so used to him disappearing places and then, 'Mom, will you come get me. I'm at the airport.' But I know it'll never be," said Caryl Dyche.

It is a reality Caryl Dyche said sadly over time, those impacted by missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 will have to face, just as she has.

"You look beyond and it will work out," said Caryl Dyche. "It'll work out."

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