Marlins skipper apologizes; local Cuban-Americans still unsure if they'll suppport Marlins

Guillen's apology gets mixed reviews from locals

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Five games without pay, that's the punishment the Miami Marlins have given their skipper, Ozzie Guillen.

Tuesday, he apologized  for a statement made to Time magazine, which stated, "I love Fidel Castro."

For local Cubans that statement came a little too late, considering Guillen is a big fish in a predominantly Cuban-American pond.

"Ozzie Guillen's mouth is on cruise control at  100 mph, but his brain hasn't left the driveway yet," Juan Labrador said while eating food at Havana Cuban Restaurant.

As food was being dished out at the large Cuban hot spot on South Dixie Highway, Cuban-American customers dished out their take of Guillen.

Labrador said many Cuban-Americans are still against the Marlins bench boss, despite his apology Tuesday.

"My father was taken away from me and taken to cut sugar cane when I was six-year-old and my father was put in prison for the Bay of Pigs," Labrador said forcefully. "See Fidel Castro's regime has effected us personally as Cubans."

The normally brash, blunt and bold Guillen, somberly apologized about his comments Tuesday after being handed down a 5 game suspension.  

"I'm very very very sorry about the problem, about what happened," Guillen said during a press conference.

"The question is, are the Cubans going to support the Marlins now in Miami," Labrador said to his friend Judiel Zapata.

"I don't see it," Zapata responded.

"They're not going to support it," Labrador said.

That's just one table's take in a large Cuban restaurant.

"What can they do," Zapata said. "They can't fire him for that.  I mean think about it, Union would step in right away."

"They don't fire him, but what they do is make him resign," Labrador said.

"That's what he should do," Zapata added.


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