Mad dash for 'hidden cash' in downtown West Palm Beach

'Hidden cash' craze sweeping the nation

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - There was a mad dash for cash in downtown West Palm Beach on Friday night. Dozens of Twitter users got their hands very dirty all with hopes of finding some free money.

The 'Hidden Cash' craze is sweeping the nation and recently entered south Florida.

It seems too good to be true. - but it is true. Finding free money was possible, if you could find it.

The clues came quickly on Twitter from the handle @HiddenCashPBG. Four hundred dollars had been stashed somewhere in downtown West Palm Beach.

The first clue was a Tweeted photograph of a sculpture outside of 610 Clematis Street. But the money was not even there. The next clue said the cash was further east. Dozens of would-be moneymakers made their way toward the waterfront.

Another Twitter photo clue was enough for people to start digging their fingers into the muddy lawn along the waterfront. Drywall screws had been pushed into the wet grass. 19 of these screws were up for grabs - all with multiple $10 bills attached.

it was a dirty job, but it was paying off the determined dollar hunters. "Twenty dollars. Yay!," shouted Amanda Moore of West Palm Beach. "Thirty dollars!"

The 'Hidden Cash' movement is sweeping the nation. Cash is placed around a location and people only have to follow clues on Twitter to find it.

"I didn't expect to have it," said Chelsey Rein, who was visiting from Buffalo, New York. "This has just fallen into my lap," she said of the thirty dollars she found.

"Who doesn't like to find free money," said Joseph Arroyo of West Palm Beach. "I wish I had the money. I'd do the same. Everybody could use a little extra money."

Moore already knows where she will be spending her newfound dollars. "My dad's out of work right now so it would be nice for them for Father's Day; go out for dinner," she said.

The mysterious money providers say this is a 'social experiment' of sorts, to get people to explore their city and to hopefully spend their free money wisely.

It is still unclear who was behind this 'Hidden Cash' search or who was behind a similar search last week in Palm Beach Gardens.