Local white supremacist site owner reacts to reports Wisconsin shooter posted on West Palm site

Donald Black calls his site peaceful

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - 'Stormfront' is South Florida based website that has white pride labels on the top.

Wade Michael Page, the man police say shot 6 people dead at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin,  reportedly posted to it, according to an activist human rights group.

"All of our, almost all of our posters on Stormfront have condemned it. It is counterproductive. There is no reason to kill innocent people even though we oppose third world immigration into this country," said Donald Black, who runs "Stormfront."

Black is a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

He started the site in 1995.

He runs the website from his West Palm Beach home.

Black condemned the Wisconsin shooting, but stood by his site's goals - to protect white people from what he called, third world immigration.

"We provide a community for like-minded people who want to work for their values, their heritage, their interests just like every other group, every other racial and ethnic group does, and is applauded for doing' because we do it, we're called haters and instigators of violence."

Page reportedly posted seven times in four years on the website's message board.

We spoke to a rabbi from West Palm Beach who says words advocating "white pride" are dangerous.

"Words become deeds, they become actions, words create emotions, animosity, words create. Words create. We can not say that merely by spewing hate, that it is somehow inconsequential," said Rabbi Cookie Olshein.

Black says there are about a hundred people in the West Palm Beach area who participate on Stormfront's message boards.

He also says they occasionally meet, and that they may hold another meeting soon.

The FBI declined to comment on whether they are running a local investigation.

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