Local students help the South Florida Science Museum become more energy-efficient

Upgrades worth thousands of dollars

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The South Florida Science Museum is a little more energy-efficient thanks to the efforts of some local elementary and middle school children.

The group of spring-breakers joined Florida Power & Light's Conservation Crew in making a series of upgrades to the museum worth thousands of dollars.

They replaced older light bulbs and fixtures with ones that are far more energy-efficient, added weather stripping by the doors and windows, and installed digital programmable thermostats.

The upgrades will not only reduce the museum's monthly electricity bills so the money can be used for new programs, but they will also serve as educational tools for the more than 120,000 people who visit the museum annually.

The museum welcomes more than 120,000 visitors and reaches more than 55,000 students through workshops and outreach programs to local schools.

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