Local retailers push for 'Small Business Saturday' after a busy 'Black Friday'

Smaller stores hope for boost, attention

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The holiday shopping season is already off to a huge start for many larger, retail chain store which are reporting big numbers after Black Friday. But for some businesses, it is all about the next day, Saturday.

Many local shops pushing for increased sales with much attention being placed on the bigger stores on Black Friday.

"It's a little irritating," said Alan Hernandez of hobby shop Radio Controlled Revolution. "We want to see more business obviously just like any other small business."

That is where "Small Business Saturday comes into the picture. It is considered a trend that is growing nationwide and a movement that is new to Hernandez.

"I think that's a great idea. I think it's needed. Small businesses are like the seasoning on the food. You need that extra little spice," said Hernandez.

The push for "Small Business Saturday" does not just impact stores. American Express card holders can log on and find a listed store where if they spend $25 or more, they could get back $25.

"I get a lot of customers who come in and ask me, 'Are you registered with American Express for Small Business Saturday?' And that's what initially got me started," said Michelle Carr, owner of Island Water Sports in Lake Worth.

Carr said in the three years she has participated in "Small Business Saturday," her store usually does five times the sales of a normal day.

"It makes up. It means I can pay more bills. I can put more money in the bank for future bills," said Carr.

A needed boost for business owners like Carr and an indication for what she hopes will be a busy start to the season.

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