Local Haitians fearing the worst as Isaac bears down

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Even two-and-a-half years after the earthquake, conditions in Haiti are such that hope is in some ways all they have.

"We have a lot of people still living in tents," said Pastor Dumont Pierre.

And now another hit is coming. Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to hit Port-au-Prince Friday afternoon.

"Everything is just worse than ever," said Gerald Cadet, who moved from Haiti to Boynton Beach four months ago.

His four children in Port-Au-Prince are directly in the storm's path. They don't live in tents, but they haven't had the money to fix their home since the earthquake.

Cadet says the worst feeling is powerlessness.

"It's a strong problem that I can not be there," said Cadet.

Nate Lasseur feels the same way. A West Palm Beach firefighter, he has gone on dozens of training missions to Haiti to help potential first responders.

To illustrate how vulnerable many are, his organization just sent a city that has twice the population of West Palm Beach its first fire truck. He says Port-au-Prince, a city of about a million, has one working fire station.

"As far as me being optimistic about the way that the fire department are going to be able to handle that thing, no, I'm not," said Lasseur.

Cadet visited the Evangelical Assembly of Christ on Federal Hwy., to pray. It's all he can do, beyond making phone calls every few hours.

"With the tropical storm coming, it's going to be way worse. Haiti did not even recover from the earthquake," said Cadet.

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