Local driving instructor Chenry Baughman gives safety tips after West Coast 50-car crash

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Driving coaches say the crash in St. Pete is an unfortunate reminder of how important it is to be safe in bad weather.

"As long as we feel we're driving properly, we seem to expect everybody is doing the same thing," said driving instructor Chenry Baughman.

He says there are a few things people can do to stay safe on the highway.

"Do not use flashers in heavy rain. Instead, let headlights do the work," advise Baughman. "You could be misconstrued for an emergency vehicle. People don't know if you're stopped or what you're doing. If you have to pull over, pull over past the shoulder and onto the grass if possible. If you can get off an exit, do it," he said.

Baughman also said that it's important to place your hands at 8 o'clock and 4 o'clock. "You're going to be able to react and control your steering better in this position than any other on the wheel. If I've got my arm here, that airbag is not going to get my arm or break my arm."

And maybe the most important thing to remember: "Weather doesn't cause accidents, drivers' failure to compensate for weather causes accidents," said Baughman.

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