Local advocates of gun control say Senate defeat won't deter them, but path forward remains unclear

Local advocates outraged over Wednesday's gun vote

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - Angela Williams has a hard time seeing the politics of it, of why expanded background checks failed in the senate.

"If this was your child, what would you do? Would you want background checks?"

She has seen her son and nine other relatives hit by gunfire.

She started Mothers Against Murderers in Riviera Beach and has recently started speaking at local rallies supporting an assault weapons ban, limits on clip sizes and background checks for gun show buyers.

Three hopes, all dashed - by a senate she says seems beholden to the NRA.

"It's a sad day," said Williams. "We are sick and tired of our children being murdered. We're sick and tired of our community grieving over gun violence, we need sensible solutions."

The legislation met resistance from senators who said the bill would have done little to stop recent high-profile shootings - like at Sandy Hook elementary.

Michael Riordan is president of the Palm Beach County Tea Party, but spoke personally today as a gun owner.

"We need to have a discussion that actually has the potential to protect people," said Riordan. "I don't believe this legislation would have done that."

Yet he also said he was disappointed the senate voted to cut off debate - before an up or down vote on the measure itself could be held.

"There needs to be a public debate about mental health, about background checks, about things like that," said Riordan. "We need to do a better jobs of finding problems and the sources of our problems."

Wednesday, the president called his defeat round one.

Though a path forward for gun control legislation is so far unclear, Williams says she's going to start a new letter-writing push.

"I want the senators, don't think about your paycheck. Think about the children that are being murdered," said Williams.

A Republican measure - that would have expanded the right to carry concealed weapons - was also defeated.

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