Lion Country Safari celebrates World Rhino Day

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Lion Country Safari, home to the largest herd of Southern White Rhinos in the country, celebrated World Rhino Day on Thursday.

During this special day, each rhino at the safari was given enrichments wrapped in colorful boxes. Enrichments are things like piles of trees, which rhinos love to rub their horns against while they try to chew the bark. Boxes were also stuffed with hay and alfalfa.

"Rhinos love to rub," said Jennifer Berthiaume, director of Public Relations and Marketing at the safari. "So anything they can scratch on that is fresh – they love it."

Lion Country Safari's 600 pound baby rhino, named Laini, came out of the maternity area with her mom to join in the festivities.

The endangered Southern White Rhinoceros is the third largest land animal after African and Asian elephants. Lion Country Safari is home to 13 White Rhinos - three males and 10 females.

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