Letters of remembrance to veterans

Dozens of DDay veterans from south Florida are on the flight of a lifetime.  A three day honor flight left West Palm Beach Thursday and will take veterans to memorials in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Some people have written them letters, including members of a support group that meets at Hoke Library in Jensen Beach every month. The letters of remembrance were written by people who are slowly being robbed of their memory.

Anna Gough helped write one of those letters.

"I'm sure they appreciate being appreciated," says Donald Smith.

Smith has been her partner for 31 years. He's also her caretaker in Okeechobee.

"She's still in the early stages, so it's manageable," says Smith.

Gough has Alzheimer's Disease.

"She honestly doesn't remember what I told her," says Smith.

"It's changed things very, very, very much," says Gough.

She has trouble answering questions and can't remember some people.

Smith helps out a lot. He takes care of the house and takes Gough to support groups like the VNA's Memory Cafe which came up with the letter exercise.

"Basically to bring everybody together and do something really nice for veterans," says Jennifer Crow with the VNA of Florida.

The letters are memories from people who are slowly losing theirs. Gough read the end of the letter that she signed.

"Please take care of yourself and come home safe. My name is Anna Gough and I live in Okeechobee, Florida."

The VNA of Florida plans to open an assisted living community in Martin County this summer.