Letter to be sent about ex-coach Michael Dudeck could affect Dwyer, Forest Hill High Schools

Ex-coach accused of creating fake transcripts

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.  Officials with the Palm Beach County School District have confirmed they are now drafting a letter to the Florida High School Athletic Association, detailing the charges involving former Forest Hill High School assistant football coach Michael Dudeck.
Authorities say Dudeck, 55, created fake transcripts, making it look like certain ineligible student-athletes were okay to play.  He faces criminal charges.

At least  two of the students played games for William T. Dwyer High School and Forest Hill High School as recent as last year.

The FHSAA handbook reads, "if an ineligible student is inadvertently or intentionally permitted (to play), forfeiture of the game and honors shall be automatic and mandatory."
As of Monday night, FHSAA was not aware of Michael Dudeck's charges. A spokesperson confirmed possible consequences for playing ineligible students include a simple reprimand, which warns the school of further violations, a monetary fine, a forfeiture of past games, or probation, which can be as serious as entire sports cancelled for one or more years.
The students involved in the scheme, whether they were aware of it or not, also await possible consequences.
Dwyer's head coach said the school allowed one player in question to play while the investigation moved forward.

The school district says it had to verify information from the two schools and students before officially telling the FHSAA about the case.

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