Fewer volunteers for charities and organizations headed into holiday season

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The holiday season is almost here and that means volunteers are needed, but charities say they have fewer this year than normal.

At Salvation Army's after school program, students kick the soccer ball, and sing while playing patty cake.

It's not just the kids though, the volunteers of Salvation Army's after school program get in the action too.

"It's something I love doing," Shaaray Miller said about volunteering at the after school program. "Instead of being at home, I might as well just come and work with kids."

After play time, Miller prepares the classroom for the kids, but her volunteer days are about to end.

"Well today is my last day," she said. "Transportation issues."

From transportation issues to tough times, fewer people have been volunteering at organizations like the Salvation Army.

"This year we're a little bit down than where we have been," said Maj. Thomas McWilliams. "You know the pressures and burdens of their financial woes are accentuated this time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Do one quick search on VolunteerMatch.com and you'll see nearly 200 organizations have posted advertisements looking for volunteers in the past six months.

"There are more people that need help, and we need more help, and yet there are less people able to help," McWilliams said.

While there are more volunteer opportunities out there, organizations are also starting to see people use those opportunities as resume builders.

Palm Beach Atlantic University student Karli Newton said she is one of those people who uses the opportunities as resume builders because she wants to be a teacher.

"That is a benefit. It does help that I have experience working with children," she said.


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