Les Carte: Self-proclaimed Palm Springs hoarder out of the hospital, still can't return home

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - The Palm Springs man who had to be cut out of his home in March because of hoarding, is out of the hospital.

"I used to say I am a collector, but yes, I was a hoarder. I'll admit to it on a stack of bibles," Les Carte said at the home.

He returned to his Palm Springs home for the first time since getting cut out.

"Emotionally, it is very difficult to come home and see how well they have cleaned up the place. But it had to be done. It had to be done," Carte said.

Carte is not staying at the home because the power has still not been turned on.

He says there are a series of code violations and an electrical engineer will not give the okay to turn the power back on.

"I just want to get back in my home. I'll do whatever I need to do," Carte said.

Volunteers cleaned out the living room and outside of the home.

But debris remains in the bedroom.

"I admit, I was in denial. I might not have had all the toys I wanted when I was younger and this is my way of getting them…collecting them later in life. Now I realize that is just superficial. I don't need those things," Carte said.

Carte is trying too figure out what he will do next.

He considered hiring a biohazard company that was going to come in and clean the house, but says it was too expensive.

He is staying at a at a motel for the time being.