LEBRON JAMES: Decision by star NBA player to leave Miami for Cleveland hurts fans, local priest

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The departure of Lebron James from South Florida is sparking strong feelings from fans to even a local episcopal priest.

Members of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in West Palm Beach started wearing red, headbands during church services in the hopes it would entice King James to stay with the Miami Heat.

The campaign was referred to by followers as "Bands For Bron" and originally coined by staff at sports radio station ESPN 106.3.

Head episcopal priest Hallock Martin said the movement by his church was all for fun and does not shake his faith.

"God is omnipotent and all powerful," said Martin. "But humans have free will and so it happens, it happens.

Father Hallock said jokingly the decision by Lebron James does not mean "the big guy upstairs" is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. He said God is a fan of "everyone."