The King's Academy facing lawsuit over alleged bullying incident

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A private school in West Palm Beach is at the center of a bullying lawsuit. The family of an 8th grade student at The King's Academy alleges their son was attacked multiple times by classmates, and that the school did nothing to protect him.

The lawsuit alleges negligence against the school, and battery against the two classmates accused of bullying. All of the students are minors.

It goes on to claim the alleged victim was punched and kicked in the groin twice in February, and that the attackers were not disciplined. The victim allegedly went to the emergency room after both incidents.

In a statement released by the school, administrators say there are inaccuracies in the lawsuit and that the school has a strict anti-bullying policy which was followed.

The school vice-president says "Bullying is not allowed at our school and students who do not comply are disciplined promptly. We will vigorously defend our school against these false claims and are confident justice will prevail."

A spokeswoman for the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, which recently launched an anti-bullying campaign, worries bullying in schools is becoming more violent.

"Bullying is horrible, people do cruel things to other people, kids are doing cruel things to kids," says Cheryl Crowley. "Bullying is a big issue in Palm Beach County. It doesn't have to happen here, we can give you the tools to combat bullying."

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