Kyle & Korey Soderman: An act of brotherly love between very special twins

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Kyle Soderman knew his brother and best man Korey was planning something big for his wedding reception.

But when it came time for the speech, it was Kyle who took the microphone and read what Korey had written.

"All our lives", Kyle Soderman said, "I've used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts.  So today, like always..." (he begins to cry).

To understand the emotion of this night, you have to go back to the beginning of Kyle and Korey's lives.

The boys' parents, Kris and Wendy Soderman, faced a life or death decision before their twin boys were born.

At 20 weeks gestation, Korey Soderman stopped growing in his mother's womb.

Wendy Soderman says,  "At 32 weeks his heart failed and he was one pound. He would not physically be normal. We didn't know exactly, but I would risk my normal son if I chose to save him. But it was our choice and we had three minutes."

During those three minutes the words to a Kenny Loggins song kept replaying in Wendy's mind.

She says, "All I could think of in my head was 'this is it, this is your miracle, stand up and fight.' We saved our miracle."

Kyle and Korey were born 2 months early during an emergency C-section.

Korey was born with severe cerebral palsy.

He would never be able to walk on his own or speak.

"I think I have a better sense of most people of what he's trying to say or might be going through just because we grew up side-by-side," says Kyle.

When it came time to pick a best man for his wedding, there was only one choice, his twin brother Korey.

Korey prepared a best man speech that brought smiles and tears to the packed reception from the childhood stories which were never meant to be told in public.

The groom read, "When Kyle was young he would run around with underwear on his head and act like a super hero."

To some, kind-hearted memories meant to embarrass: "Kyle loves to secretly sing and dance to the song, I feel like a woman," to what Korey would say to his brother, if he could: "I may joke around about Kyle but he is an awesome big brother and has looked out for me for 24 years. He cares more about others than himself."

Kyle then asks, "How come you keep crying during your speech?"

What was it like to speak the words his brother had written for his wedding day?

Kyle Soderman replies, "There was a two second delay of reading the text and what it meant. It really hit me."

An amazing expression of brotherly love between identical twins who were born very different.

Watch Korey Soderman's Best Man Speech in its entirety: