KIMBERLY LUCAS: Attorney for family of slain two-year-old Jupiter girl says no warning signs in case

Lawyer says the two women broke-up on good terms

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Police said she lost her baby girl at the hands of her former partner. But on Tuesday, the Jupiter mother of Elliana Lucas-Jamason spoke out through her lawyer about the utter lack of any potential warning signs to what investigators said allegedly happened.

Attorney Jim Eisenberg said Lucas was like a mother to the children police said she tried to murder.

They said the 40-year-old killed little Elliana and attempted to kill the 10-year-old brother of the girl.

Lucas now faces a murder charge and an attempted murder charge.

"It's just tragic. My client is devastated. Her little daughter is dead. Thank God that the son survived," said Eisenberg.

Still too raw with emotion, Eisenberg is speaking for the Jamason family.

He said there were zero warning signs about what investigators said happened inside the Abacoa home May 26.

"I mean she was in total shock. There was nothing indicating any kind of mindset that this woman would do harm to the kids," said Eisenberg.

While Lucas legally had no custody of the children, Eisenberg said Elliana's mother made it a point to keep her involved after the two women ended their long-term relationship.

"There wasn't anything special, as I understand it, that went wrong. Nothing earth-shattering. It was just people sort of growing apart and you know it ended up bad," said Eisenberg.

Elliana has now been laid to rest.

Her mother is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, said Eisenberg.

As for Lucas, she is now facing charges that carry serious sentences.

"When the victim is a young girl, those are the ones more likely to bring about the death penalty," said Eisenberg.

The Palm Beach State Attorney's Office said on Tuesday that it is still investigating the case. A spokesperson said investigators are still collecting evidence and preparing to present their case to a grand jury.

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