Kids learning gymnastics and how to cook during summer camp

Chef David spices up gymnastics summer camp

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Forget the balance beam and the tumbles,a local gymnastics summer camp is spicing things up for kids this summer. On Wednesday Chef David Wagner taught the kids attending Gymnastics Revolution how to make tacos. Chef David said, "We are going to use ground beef today, traditionally that's what you use but you can use turkey."

The children are learning that you need to eat good food in order to perform well doing gymnastics.Chef David showed the children which ingredients are necessary to make tacos. The children then had lunch, putting on their favorite toppings on the turkey or ground beef tacos.

The chef says he has been hosting these mini-cooking sessions for a couple of years at the gym. "It's really important to teach the kids at a young age that eating healthy and eating with fresh ingredients and using fresh ingredients will actually help them on a better track of eating healthy for the rest of their lives." On Thursday, Chef David will teach the kids how to make omelets and waffles. And on Friday it will be an outdoor barbecue.

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