Kaitlyn Hunt case has local high school kids talking and debating

Say charges against Hunt are unnecessary

The Kaitlyn Hunt case has local high school kids talking and debating.

Daniel Castaneda and his friends were out celebrating graduation from Spanish River High tonight.

After four years, they'd wouldn't bat an eye over a same-sex or senior-freshman relationship.

"People don't make it a big deal," said Castaneda. "I don't make it a big deal."

"It's common nowadays," said Alex Quiroz. "You see girls dating each other. It's their lifestyle, what they choose to do."

They don't think Kaitlyn Hunt should be charged, and argue she's being singled out because of the type of relationship she was in.

"It's sort of messed up. You see it happening all the time with guys and girls, so I don't see why it would be any different if it's a girl and a girl," said Daniella Ramirez.

"What surprised me most was that the parents waited until she was 18," said Castaneda.

Shawn Bomford and Lillie Mysel, both Palm Beach Central Juniors, say same-sex couples in high school are sometimes judged by classmates.

They worry charges against Hunt will exacerbate negative feelings against other same-sex couples in high school.

"To know that they're wasting their time on this couple when they could be worrying about something more important in the world than a relationship that doesn't involve them," said Mysel.

"I agree 100 percent," said Bomford.

Police have argued that anytime an eighteen-year-old is involved with a fourteen-year-old, it constitutes abuse. And that they'd be pressing charges no matter what the genders are.


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