Drake update: Retired police dog euthanized


Drake, the retired police dog shot at least four times earlier this week during a break-in at a Florida Highway Patrol trooper's home, has been euthanized, according to Veterinarian Ken Simmons.

The German Shepherd's injuries included broken limbs, wounds to his forehead and jaw, and damage to his esophagus, he said.

"We found a large piece of his esophagus deep in his chest that was rotting," Simmons said. "It was clearly a devastating injury."

The bullet wound to Drake's neck severed one of the small arteries that feed [blood to] that part of the esophagus and there was nothing that could be done to replace the blood supply or the dead tissue, according to Simmons.


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. --Drake, the retired police dog shot at least four times earlier this week during a break-in at a Florida Highway Patrol trooper's home, was flown to the University of Florida in Gainesville Friday morning to undergo tests to determine the source of fluid in his lungs, according to Veterinarian Ken Simmons.

Dr. Simmons, owner of Simmons Veterinary Hospital in Greenacres where Drake is being treated, said he suspects the fluid may be coming from a hole in the esophagus caused by one of the bullets that hit the 5-year-old German shepherd.

Simmons, a private pilot, took Drake to the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine Friday so he can have a CT scan that would determine whether the dog's esophagus is perforated.

Depending on the results of the CT scan, Drake could undergo emergency surgery in Gainesville, he said.

He said that if he notices that the dog is improving, he may not need to fly him to Gainesville.

"I'll decide in the morning," he said.

A 16-year-old armed burglary suspect was arrested on Wednesday, and two others are being sought, in the Sunday evening break-in at Trooper Robert Boody's home near Jog and Belvedere roads, investigators said.

Boody was not home at the time but Drake, who lives with Boody, started barking during the break-in.

"When I initially saw the scene at the house I initially assumed that the dog was going to be dead," Boody said. "I was relieved to find him alive."

One of the suspects shot through the sliding glass door several times, wounding Drake, according to the arrest report.

The suspects then entered through a back window and encountered the wounded, whimpering dog in the master bedroom. One suspect shot Drake again and left him for dead before they all ran away, the report stated.

One of the three juvenile suspects was arrested on Wednesday for the armed burglary and felony cruelty to animals. He was already on probation for burglary and grand theft, records show.

Sun Sentinel contributed to this story.

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