Jury misconduct in John Goodman DUI manslaughter trial?

Defense attorneys want to interview jurors

John Goodman's attorneys have filed a notice of intent to interview jurors asking about possible misconduct.

Goodman was found guilty of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide in the traffic crash that killed Scott Wilson.

The possible misconduct concerns are spelled out in a 77-page document and defense attorneys say they come from a fellow juror.

They say that juror said jurors throughout the case disobeyed instructions from the judge and talked about the case when they were not supposed to.

They also allegedly made derogatory comments about John Goodman's wealth and read or listened to news reports of the case.

There are also allegations of jurors covering up for each other and of a juror writing a book about the case during the trial.

As a result defense attorneys want to question jurors.

Two weeks ago Goodman's lead attorney Roy Black filed a motion for a new trial.

Black said he thought multiple errors were committed during and before the proceedings which denied Goodman's ability to get a fair trial.  

Goodman is set to be sentenced on April 30th.

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