Judge Jeffrey Colbath denies new trial for John Goodman

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Judge Jeffrey Colbath has denied a motion for a new  trial requested by defense attorneys for John Goodman.

In his ruling, the judge based his decision after the court interviewed the six jurors and two alternates in the case.

In his ruling the judge said Ms. Ruby Delano was an alternate juror who initially raised concerns about juror misconduct.

When questioned whether she heard any jurors make comments or discuss whether Goodman was guilty, she said she had not.

The judge wrote, "Ms. Delano did not allege, in either her testimony at the interview, nor in their affidavit, that she had anything other than a sense or a feeling that jurors had made their minds up prior to the close of evidence."

Additionally when questioned the judge wrote that Ms. Delano state that she did not hear any juror say that Goodman should be convicted for reasons having to do with his wealth.

Juror Michael St. John, who sat in on deliberations, indicated that he felt jurors had made up their minds before deliberating.

The judge noted that he was the only juror who indicated such discussions took place.

Based on the testimony of the other seven jurors Judge Colbath said the court did not find Mr. St. John's testimony to be credible.

The judge said the court found that no improper pre-deliberations took place.

Goodman was convicted of DUI manslaughter in March. He killed Scott Wilson, 23, in a car crash in 2010.

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