John Goodman's retrial on DUI manslaughter charges scheduled to begin October 6

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The retrial for John Goodman's DUI manslaughter case is scheduled to begin on Oct. 6, according to the Palm Beach County Clerk's website.

Goodman was driving a Bentley that crashed into Scott Wilson's car in 2010.   Wilson's car went into a canal, causing him to drown.

A jury found Goodman guilty of DUI manslaughter, but the conviction was later dropped after a juror was found guilty of contempt of court.

Goodman is in the process of challenging the results of his blood alcohol samples taken after the fatal 2010 accident

The Florida Division of Administrative Hearings scheduled the hearing from June 10 through June 12.

Goodman and his attorneys are challenging the Florida Department of Law Enforcement regulations for blood alcohol testing, claiming that they are scientifically unsound for a variety of reasons.

Documents filed with the Division of Administrative Hearings states that following the fatal accident in 2010, the nurse who collected Goodman's blood used a very small needle typically used to withdraw blood from infants instead of a larger needle that is supplied in the blood collection kit supplied by law enforcement.

Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Colbath presided over the Goodman trial and approved Goodman's request to appeal the FDLE rules in Tallahassee.

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