John Goodman jury examined 3D simulation of crash

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. --  An emotional day in court unfolded Thursday as several new pieces of photographic and physical evidence, including a three-dimensional computerized crash simulation, were presented to the jury in the DUI manslaughter trial of John Goodman.

Goodman watched silently as jurors watched the computerized 3-D crash simulation.

911 calls phoned in after the crash were played in court.

There were a handful of calls. The first callers saw Goodman's Bentley abandoned on the side of the road in rough shape, with debris scattered in the roadway.

One passerby called to say he noticed what turned out to be Scott Wilson's Hyundai in a  canal.

The call from Goodman to 911 was also played in court.

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After hearing tapes from four 911 calls, the jurors were walked to a loading dock near the courthouse to view the Bentley and Hyundai involved in the crash.

While jurors viewed the vehicles, a crowd of media and public spectators gathered.

Then, the family of Scott Wilson was able to walk around the vehicles.  They spent the most time near Wilson's car.  Goodman and his attorneys were also present.  They did not walk up to Wilson's car, but spent a few minutes talking to each other while looking at Goodman's Bentley.

In the courtroom, Traffic Homicide Investigator Troy Snelgrove explained the significance of photographs taken at the scene, and evidence he had collected the night of the crash.

"It was apparent that the Bentley went through the stop sign," he said.

The Bentley, Snelgrove said, outweighed the Hyundai by two thousand pounds, shoving it into a nearby canal.

Then a key point was brought up, a point on which the defense and prosecution disagree: Did Goodman walk directly to Lisa Pembleton's trailer after the crash, or did he go first to a nearby barn to drink?

"There were boot prints, but more of a square-toed boot with a heel, walking southbound along the dirt road away from the scene," Snelgrove explained. 

Photos were shown of Goodman in a hospital bed, wearing boots that matched the description of the prints.

The investigator claims the evidence shows the footprints led only towards the hard-packed earth near the trailer.

"They went down in front of the property where Mr. Goodman was located," he said.

Snelgrove testified that he has made more than 500 DUI arrests in his career. Snelgrove met Goodman the night of the crash at the hospital, and took blood samples about three hours after the crash, close to 4 a.m.

"I did notice that his eyes were bloodshot and glassy," Snelgrove said.

The investigator also testified that he smelled the odor of alcohol on Goodman and that he witnessed Goodman had slow movements and slurred speech.

Snelgrove was the only witness to take the stand on Thursday and he is expected to continue his testimony on Monday, due to a scheduling conflict on Friday. 

Several other prosecution witnesses are set to testify on Friday, including a toxicologist.

NewsChannel 5's Dan Corcoran and Christina Mora contributed to this report

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