John Goodman trial jury selection focuses on media coverage

Two years after Scott Wilson's death, John Goodman looked on in a Palm Beach County courtroom as sixty jurors were called in.

Much of the focus in court was on months of media coverage.

"Can you set aside those experiences that you've been exposed to?" Judge Jeffrey Colbath asked potential jurors.

One had strong convictions about drunk driving. Another said sustained media coverage had colored their judgment.

Nearly a dozen potential jurors were gone by noon.

Prosecutors contend Goodman was driving drunk the night Scott Wilson was killed.

Moments before the start of jury selection, the judge handed prosecutors a victory and a defeat.

Yes, jurors can see post-accident photos of Scott Wilson. Yes, they can see the actual cars involved in the crash. They won't, however, hear allegations of John Goodman using cocaine.

Goodman is facing thirty years in prison if convicted.

At the end of the day, about two dozen potential jurors were told to come back Wednesday for more questioning.

Court will start at 8:30 a.m.  
The trial, once it starts, will run about two weeks.

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