John Goodman DUI manslaughter trial continues today

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Attorneys in the DUI manslaughter trial of multi-millionaire John Goodman questioned more witnesses Wednesday.

Goodman -- who is the founder of International Polo Club Palm Beach -- is accused of driving drunk and causing a car crash that killed 23-year old Scott Wilson two years ago.


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First on the stand was Nicole Ocoro, who drove by the accident scene that night in February 2010.

During her testimony, she said it was very dark that night, and she didn't see anything in the canal.

Next on the stand was Lisa Pembleton. Goodman went to Pembleton's trailer the night of the crash and asked to use her phone.
"He said he had stopped at a stop sign, looked, didn't see anything, pulled out and he hit something.  I told him he needed to call 911 in case anybody was hurt. He said "I really (expletive) and that he had been in an end of the world accident," she said.

Pembleton said Goodman didn't seem to be in pain from any injuries that night.

Defense attorneys argued she was biased, saying she was too close to the civil attorneys of Scott Wilson's family.
A surprise motion caught prosecutors -- and the judge -- off guard.

"You knew this witness was going to testify. You knew you were going to try to impeach her. I feel ambushed," Judge Jeffrey Colbath said.

Defense attorney Roy Black said, "I don't want to tell my adversary how I'm going to cross-examine my witnesses."

"I want to know what meetings she sat in on. I want to know the specifics. She clearly gave a statement that said all of this about the earth-ending crash," prosecutor Ellen Roberts said.

The witness with the least to say this day was Heather Colby. She is John Goodman's girlfriend.

Goodman, attorneys said, called her before calling 911.
"The only conversation I remember is the last conversation I had with him. We were told we couldn't talk about the crash," she said.

Thursday the jurors are expected to see the cars involved in the case.

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