John Goodman sentencing delayed, jurors to be interviewed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - After days of weighing allegations of juror misconduct in the John Goodman DUI trial, the judge has made a decision.

He has agreed to limited questioning of the jurors. In his ruling Judge Jeffrey Colbath cited case law that the verdict might be subject to challenge, but he denied a motion for a new trial or that Goodman's conviction be vacated.


The questioning of the jurors will take place on April 30th. That was the day Goodman was scheduled to be sentenced in the traffic death of Scott Wilson.

"Well, certainly the defense wants to bring out the fact there may have been some jury misconduct here," said NewsChannel 5 Legal Analyst Michelle Suskauer.

Prior to the interview the court will consider written questions from the state and defense to be posed to jurors.

"This (the limited questioning) will be done in open court," said Suskauer. They will not be brought in all together. They will be brought in one by one to be asked these questions. This could potentially lead to a new trial, maybe, either from this judge or from an appellate court."

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