John Goodman sentenced to 16 years in prison

 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Judge Jeffrey Colbath sentenced Wellington millionaire John Goodman to sixteen years in prison for a crash that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson in 2010.

A jury found Goodman guilty on March 23 of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges.
Judge Colbath questioned juror Dennis DeMartin before the sentencing phase of the case.

DeMartin created a stir when he self-published a book called "Believing in the Truth." In it he said he drank three alcoholic drinks the night before the verdict. He wanted to better comprehend how much Goodman might have had to drink the night he crashed his car into Wilson.

Goodman's attorney argued DeMartin's recreation was "used to debunk our defense." But the judge denied a request for a new trial.

Goodman spoke during the hearing and said he always wanted to reach out to the Wilson family. He said he couldn't imagine what the Wilson family has to go through every day.

"I just wanted to say that from the second, the day after the accident, all I've wanted to do is to reach out to the Wilsons and to be with them and cry with them and, you know, I can't imagine or even pretend to imagine what it would be like to lose a son," Goodman said.

Goodman added, "And every day I feel I carry Scott Patrick Wilson in my, with me, every day and that's all I think about."  

Before announcing his verdict Judge Colbath said this was a "senseless, senseless accident."

He also said Goodman's conduct from the moment the crash happened to the time he was with law enforcement, was to save himself.

Concerning Goodman's testimony during the trial Judge Colbath said, "I think it was a main attempt to create a story."

In addition to a prison term, Goodman was also fined $10,000.

Judge Colbath has tentatively agreed to release Goodman from prison on a $7 million bond pending the appeal of his conviction. As part of his release he must also meet several conditions. He must wear a monitoring device, hire an officer to be with him at all times, and cannot apply for a new passport.

NewsChannel 5's Alex Sanz contributed to this report

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