John Goodman receives letters of support before April 30 sentencing

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- John Goodman, who was convicted of driving drunk and killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson, still has many supporters.

Several have written letters on his behalf to Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

More than 80 letters were written and many of them come to his defense and ask the judge for leniency.

Some letters blame Scott Wilson's family -- and the media -- for the position Goodman is in.
Judge Colbath is set to sentence Goodman on April 30. In the meantime, his defense attorneys have requested a new trial amid allegations of jury misconduct. The judge is currently investigating those claims. He could call jurors back into court for questioning.

Goodman's attorneys also want their client to be freed from jail during appeal.

The letters of support are telling and, at times, reveal some insight into Goodman, his life and those around him.

The letters come from his family, his girlfriend, some employees as well as polo players and high-profile executives.

If there is a collective message in them, it is this: Go easy on him.

Here is a sample:

"My son does not lie."
"There is nothing that could destroy John's spirit more than that thought that people truly believe he left the scene of an accident and failed to give aid to someone in need."
-Harriett Goodman, mother

"If I had to pick one word to describe John it would be selfless."
"There are a lot of bad people in this world. John is not one of them."
-Heather Hutchins, "life partner"

"I sat in the courtroom every day of the trial and was sickened by the way my friend was made out to be."
"John Goodman is a broken man for the pain he has caused."
-Jeff Blake, friend

"The Wilsons have gotten millions and millions of dollars, made sure John Goodman's reputation and good standing in the community were destroyed. They too have been relentless. How much more do they want, a hanging in the town square?"
-Donna Haver, Manager of Landscaping and Maintenance, International Polo Club

Thursday it was revealed that the parents of Scott Wilson settled their civil suit with John Goodman for forty-six million dollars before the start of trial.

Goodman is facing up to thirty years in prison when he is sentenced on April 30.


Goodman Motion with Settlement Details:

Letters of Support (Part one):

Letters of Support (Part two):

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