John Goodman trial testimony day four: Nurse, deputy, toxicologist take the stand

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Testimony in the DUI manslaughter trial of John Goodman continued for a fourth day on Friday as prosecutors questioned a nurse, a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy and a toxicologist.

Judge Jeffrey Colbath allowed prosecutors to introduce evidence of hydrocodone use and ask toxicologist Tate Yeatman whether a combination of the prescription drug and alcohol could have impaired Goodman the night of the crash.

Medical reports entered into evidence showed that Goodman told a nurse that he had taken hydrocodone the day before the accident.

Goodman, according to defense attorneys, had been prescribed the drug for back pain.

"Can you say with any sort of certainty minuscule effect? Moderate effect? Great effects?" Colbath asked Yeatman.

"I can say that it could have a significant effect," Yeatman said. "There certainly [is] the potential if you put a therapeutic level ... of hydrocodone at this level and even were to take two or three drinks individuals can exhibit in some instances, gross impairment."

Mark Shapiro, a defense attorney, challenged Yeatman and asked him if he could determine whether Goodman had more than four drinks before the crash.

"I'm not asking for speculation," Shapiro said. "I'm asking for evidence."

"No one stated that he consumed more than that number of drinks," Yeatman said.

Earlier, Cecelia Betts, a nurse at Wellington Regional Medical Center, said Goodman did not appear to have signs of a concussion when she examined him several hours after the February 12, 2010, crash that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson.

"I did a head-to-toe assessment," she said.

Betts said Goodman smelled of alcohol but did not write that in his medical records because she didn't want to be called to testify in a trial.

Betts also said Goodman did not appear to be in severe pain and never complained of head pain.

Robert Stephan, a long-time PBSO deputy, told prosecutors he discovered boot prints near the accident scene and followed them to a trailer in the 4100 block of 120th Avenue South.

Goodman, according to prosecutors, called an assistant and his girlfriend from the trailer before Lisa Pembleton, the woman who lived there, told him to call 911.

A deputy and the Medical Examiner could be called to the stand on Monday.

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