John Goodman could be released from jail on bail as soon as today

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Wellington Polo mogul John Goodman could be walking out of the Palm Beach County jail soon.

Goodman faces 16 years in prison for DUI manslaughter. He was convicted in March of killing Scott Wilson, 23, in a drunken car crash in 2010.

But his defense team has already started the appeal process, hoping to overturn the conviction.

Shortly after receiving his sentence on Friday, Goodman was granted a $7 million bond.

Goodman is set to put up $3 million on his own and the other $4 million is said to be coming from his family.

Judge Jeffrey Colbath is expected to look over the terms of Goodman's release Monday.

Goodman will be watched around the clock by off-duty cops. He'll undergo drug tests and wear an electronic monitor.

He will also be restricted to his home and place of work while out on bail.

Once out, Goodman will be freed for the entire appeals process which could last anywhere from 6-to-18 months.

It remains unclear exactly when he'll leave jail, but it could be as soon as today.

NewsChannel 5's Jeff Skrzypek contributed to this report

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