John Goodman bond hearing: Judge holds hearing on Goodman's $7 million bond

Order signed allowing Goodman to return home

 A hearing regarding the terms of John Goodman's release on bond lasted about one to two minutes Wednesday morning.

Prosecutor Ellen Roberts said the hearing was to clarify that Goodman would not be allowed to socialize if he is released.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath has signed an order allowing the 48-year-old Texas-born tycoon to return to his home at the International Polo Club Palm Beach instead of beginning to serve a 16-year prison sentence.

All day members of Goodman's defense team have been coming and going from the Palm Beach County Jail.

Sources close to the case told NewsChannel 5's Alex Sanz that 'security issues' being worked out in connection with the condition's of Goodman's release could keep him in jail a bit longer.

It's possible Goodman might not get out until Thursday.

Under terms of the bond, Goodman would return to his home at the Polo Club and would not be allowed to leave the club's grounds. He also has to line up off-duty police to watch him around the clock, and he won't be allowed to socialize with club patrons.

The most unusual part of the bond deal involves Goodman's girlfriend, Heather Hutchins, whom he adopted in the fall to gain more control over his two school-age children's roughly $300 million trust. If a Delaware court recognizes the adoption and allows Hutchins to receive money she could share with Goodman, his bond would be revoked immediately.
Goodman has been in the Palm Beach County Jail since March 23, when he was convicted in the 2010 crash that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson.

Wilson drowned after Goodman's Bentley slammed into and then pushed Wilson's Hyundai into a canal. Goodman didn't call 911 for nearly an hour.

Jane Musgrave, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer and the WPTV Web Team contributed to this report.

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