John Goodman trial: Jury selection begins in polo titan's DUI manslaughter trial

Jury selection began this morning in the criminal case of Wellington polo mogul John Goodman.

The 48-year-old could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of driving drunk and killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson two years ago.

Wilson's family entered the courthouse for the start of what will likely be a difficult trial. They came face-to-face with the man charged with killing their son.

The court started with a pool of 60 potential jurors today -- that number is already getting whittled down.

The judge went through a very meticulous explanation of jury expectations. He spent an extensive amount of time on media coverage, separating those who have seen, heard and read about the case.

Those who have had little to no exposure to the case were sent out and asked to come back at 2:30 p.m.

The judge worked with another group -- diving into just how much they've heard and it they've created opinions about Goodman or judged the case already.


CLICK HERE to view the case documents, hear the 911 calls, read the witness interviews and WATCH THE TRIAL LIVE when it begins (no access mobile)


High-profile attorney Roy Black is Goodman's head defense lawyer. The prosecutor, Ellen Roberts, is a veteran traffic homicide attorney.

Tuesday several pre-trial motions were filed by Goodman's attorneys.

They asked the judge if the court could interview potential jurors one by one, rather than in groups.

They asked the judge to exclude some pieces of evidence -- like hydrocodone in Goodman's system the night of the crash,  and alcohol receipts belonging to Goodman's friends that night.

The defense also asked to exclude certain post accident photos of Scott Wilson -- as well as a photo of Wilson in his cap and gown from college graduation.

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