Jim Turner investigated for harassment; Dolphins fans react to latest team allegations

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Local Florida Dolphins fans are staying updated with the latest bullying allegations within the team.

Now, Offensive-line coach Jim Turner is being questioned for harassment.

Dolphins fans packed Duffy's in downtown West Palm Beach to watch their favorite team win on Sunday. Some fans were also watching to see how the team plays in the midst of the bullying controversy, hoping it doesn't become a distraction to players.

"We've been here 37 years now, and I've been a Dolphins fan since then," said Lewis Wark.

Wark worries about the team getting a tarnished reputation. "It's like there's so much that's been going on with the Dolphins for years, and all of a sudden, something else pops up. It seems like it's endless," said Wark.

Wark is a coach himself. He coaches girl's volleyball at Jupiter High School. He says he understands the need to motivate. "I think the coach should know what's going on in his lockeroom, really at all times, and the assistant coaches as well," said Wark.

He has to take a softer approach to motivating his players than the professional football coaches. "I can't get up in a girl's face and yell at them and scream at them. I can't do that."

He says that technique works for some guys, but as recent bullying allegations have proven, not all. "I don't think it's the right thing to do. Obviously, It's not. It shouldn't happen but it does," Wark said.

He hopes to see a change on the team, if not from the players, from those that are supposed to set the standards. "I think they need new leadership," Wark said.


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