Jewish Coalition members protest President Obama: 'I might move to Israel if Obama gets re-elected'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Dozens of members of the Republican Jewish Coalition came together along Okeechobee Boulevard Sunday to show their support for Mitt Romney while protesting against President Barack Obama.

The group is behind several billboards that can be seen along Interstate 95, which read "Obama Oy Vey."

The group says they support Romney mainly because of his stance on Israel.

Marcia Kalecky-Stern, a member of the JRC, said "Obama is no friend of Israel," but that Romney "embraces Israel. He considers Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and I have no doubt he will always have Israel's back."

"I might move to Israel if Obama gets re-elected," Kalecky-Stern said.

Others came out to protest on their own, including Teresa Shelton.

Shelton says she won't vote for Obama because "he's created more debt than the beginning of all the presidents since George Washington."

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton also came to West Palm Beach. He spoke out against the president's interactions with Israel, saying he left the country "exposed, alone, and vulnerable."

Bolton said Romney is the better candidate in the upcoming election.

"Being president is more than just giving speeches," Bolton said. "It's not like being a legislator."

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