Jennifer Adams: Woman with partial limbs tackles bullying among kids

Jennifer Adams, 34, says she was bullied for years

LAKE PARK, Fla. - This is how 34-year-old Adams believes the rest of the world sees her: "I'm a redhead - and I was born with partial limbs."

Adams' arms and legs never fully developed in the womb. She says when she was younger, looking as she does and using a wheelchair, made her a prime target for bullies.

"I know how that feels to have your self-esteem torn down and to feel insecure about yourself because there is a daily inundation," said Adams of name-calling, verbal abuse, even physical confrontations she experienced throughout her adolescent years. "You're going to school in a war zone is how I felt," she said.

Adams said she is determined to be part of the solution. She is now a motivational speaker and an author, touring the nation with her story of survival and inspiration. She spoke to dozens of people at an event at the Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park on Thursday.

Adams, who is from Washington, is also the reigning queen of the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. "It's kind of fun," she said. "I like blowing people's minds with what I'm able to do."

Adams often speaks at schools and also to parents. To learn more about her mission, click here .