Janice Sheer: One captain at the Palm Beach Boat show stands out amongst all the others

She is one of only a handful of female captains

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Some of the most expensive and fancy boats in the world are at the Palm Beach Boat Show.

And driving a one hundred foot plus floating palace is no easy job.

Janice Sheer is one of the only female captains of a mega yacht.

"It is still rare. It is funny to hear people's comments. People will walk up and say, 'Oh my God it is a girl' and all of the sudden you have an audience and they are all waiting for you to hit the dock," Janice Sheer said.

Sheer has been a boat captain for thirty two years -- driving and managing some of the most expensive yachts.

"Sometimes when I pull in, people look at me strangely. They think a man is letting me drive the boat," Sheer said.

Sheer started driving a sixty-foot boat when she was just thirteen.

Just five years later, she was in control of a one hundred foot passenger ship.

"When I was on the commercial boats in New York, that was a six hundred passenger boat, and I had a fellow get on and when he found out the captain was a female,  he said, 'I am going to leave.' I told him, 'all the other 599 people are staying' He decided to stay," Sheer said.

Jokes aside, Sheer is respected in the yachting world and is in Palm Beach as part of the Palm Beach Boat show.

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