Jabari S. Kemp arrest: Drugs a factor in Blue Heron Blvd. fatal crash, officials say

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Linda Steward had been waiting for this moment, the moment the man who allegedly killed her granddaughter was behind bars.

"I can't even exactly tell you the happiness," said Steward.

Investigators have revealed that drugs were a factor in the Blue Heron Boulevard crash that left five dead in April.

Investigators say Jabari Kemp had a "extremely high" level of marijuana in his blood.

They pegged his speed at 120 miles an hour.

"He was not thinking about other people," said Steward. "He was only thinking about himself."

Kemp got a speeding ticket earlier in the night and narrowly escaped arrest.

The affidavit against Kemp says four hours before the midnight crash, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office investigator Ignacio Diaz stopped Kemp for going 90 miles an hour on I-95.

Diaz smelled marijuana in the vehicle. But after a search, Diaz found nothing, so Kemp was let go with a speeding ticket.

Only then did the investigator find a bag of marijuana that Kemp allegedly left in the back of the investigator's patrol car.

"Obviously, the officer did not find that there was enough evidence to make an arrest," said Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg. "We're not going to second-guess the officer at the scene."

News of the earlier stop disappoints Steward, who can't help but wish the officer had the evidence in time to arrest Kemp. But Thursday, she will have laser focus when Kemp is expected in court for his first appearance.

"I want to see him myself. As long as I have breath. Every court appearance, he's going to see me. I'm going to be there early," said Steward.

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