Isaac flooding: Help for homeowners with a pest problem after rains, rising water from Isaac

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A lot of flooded homeowners are keeping pest control companies busy. The high water is driving creepy crawlies onto higher ground. 

Nozzle Nolen in West Palm Beach said it's gotten a lot of calls, mostly about snakes and fire ants. It's also getting calls from people about other insects coming inside, such as millipedes and earwigs.

"The best thing if they need to spray something directly on insects inside the safest thing to do is a little soapy water works wonders and will take care of insects in the house, even the fire ants," Nozzle Nolen's Paul Sugrue said.
If the ants aren't in your home, but just floating around your property, Sugrue suggests it's best to just leave them alone. You're not going to be able to sink them.

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