Iraq War veteran reacts to President Obama's decision to send troops to Iraq

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Former Emergency Response soldier Aaron Ashburn was in one of the first groups of soldiers sent to Baghdad and he says he suffers from PTSD.

"As I slowly started coming out of the fog I was in I started doing things in my sleep. I would start loading weapons in my sleep, low crawling in my sleep, and my wife started telling me all these weird things I was doing," Ashburn said.

Ashburn says his recovery is ongoing.

He tries to stay away from newspapers and TV stories about Iraq, but say she is not at all surprised US Troops are returning after the 2011 withdrawal.

"What did you expect? These people have been hardcore fighters for more centuries than we have been a country," Ashburn said.

Ashburn came in contact with Islamic extremists.

"These people are not the same as us. They have a belief system that they have set in to play," Ashburn said.

Ashburn says even if the US sends more and more troops, he thinks the war in Iraq will not be over soon.

"They are going to do whatever they can to placate us and then they are going to go back to doing things the way they want to do things," Ashburn said.