Iraq War veteran reacts to escalating violence

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - President Barack Obama is threatening military action as violence escalates in Iraq. Militants from a  group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) seized several cities in Iraq and vowed to march on Baghdad.

For those Americans who served in Iraq, the images are a sad sight.

Daniel O'Neal served two tours in Iraq. He remembers the war very well.

"Saw some fire fights, some explosions," says O'Neal.

The West Palm Beach man still bears the scars of the Iraq War. He was injured after his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. He says his helmet saved his life.

"My lieutenant was also injured, my medic was killed," says O'Neal.

He sacrificed a lot in Iraq. He lost 11 comrades in his company. Soldiers that gave their lives to help Iraq. That's why he says it's sad to see the chaos happening in that country.

"It feels like it's a waste, a waste of 11 years, a waste of so many American lives and so much money," says O'Neal.

O'Neal isn't surprised by the violence. He just had higher hopes for a country where America lost so many lives.

"It is sad to see that," says O'Neal, "It's slipping back into the way it was back then."

O'Neal is still in the Army reserves and will soon be medically discharged because of the injuries he suffered in the war.

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