Interest in spring training in West Palm Beach

WESTPALM BEACH, Fla. - George and Mary Lee Reese are in the business of baking party and wedding cakes. But they could be baking cakes for baseball fans in the near future.

The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals are expressing interest in a new spring training facility just a mile from their store.

George said, "I think it would help increase our business, I'm positive about it. not just this location but the area in general."

According to Palm Beach County Commissioner Hal Valeche, the piece of land is south of 45th street between Military Trail and Haverhill Road.

The commissioner said, "We did an extensive search of the entire county about a month ago and released it to the teams and came up with about eight or nine feasible sights and it included this 45th Street."

Commissioner Valeche says if a deal is made to build on the more than 160 acres, it'll be a big windfall for the county and the city.

"The Nationals in Washington built a new stadium but they also invested very heavily in the area around the stadium and redeveloped it.

" It would also be a big boost for local businesses and residents.

"I think all of the residents in the county will benefit but I think that specific neighborhood should get a big shot in the arm," said Valeche.

Meanwhile the Reese's don't mind if there's a new stadium, but add more research should be done to make sure it will be beneficial.

"Does it impact the traffic, does it impact people's homes and their lives. Other people know that better than I do, but on the surface, it would be a good thing to investigate into," Mary Lee told NewsChannel 5.