Inmate Rashan Mike charged with beating two PBSO deputies at main detention center

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. –– A 24-year-old inmate in the county jail was arrested again after he allegedly beat up two Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies in a TV room Monday, deputies say.

Rashan Mike, of Lake Park, was arrested on two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon.

On Monday around 5:30 p.m., Deputy Dustin Radford was in the sheriff's main detention center, located at 3228 Gun Club Road, and was approached by several inmates asking him to stop Mike from banging on a table in the detention center's TV room.

Radford spoke with Mike who stopped banging but then started yelling at other inmates across the room, according to a sheriff's probable cause affidavit.

Radford told Mike to go back to his bunk but instead, Mike punched Radford's face, causing him to fall back and hit his head on the concrete ground.

While Radford fell, Mike reached for his folding knife. He ran away with it which prompted the deputy to spray him with pepper spray.

Mike ran to the deputy and the two fell to the ground and wrestled one another.

Another deputy heard the struggle and ran into the TV room, the affidavit says.

That deputy tried to grab Mike and pull him off Radford but instead Mike punched her. The female deputy fell to the floor and Mike straddled her while punching her repeatedly in the face. He also caused a laceration on her head with the knife, the affidavit says.

Two inmates joined in and grabbed Mike off of the female deputy. Radford and Mike continued fighting in the dayroom area.

A sheriff's sergeant heard the fighting and was able to pull Mike off of Radford. He handcuffed him while he continued kicking at the deputies.

Mike was taken to JFK Medical Center in Atlantis where he was treated for a nose fracture and the deputies were taken to Wellington Regional Hospital where they were treated for bruises, abrasions and lacerations.

When other deputies questioned Mike while at the hospital, Mike declined to comment and said, "I need an attorney," the affidavit says.

Mike was arrested in September 2011 on a charge of sexual assault, jail records show.