Hurricane Sandy putting sea turtles in danger

Storm already impacting PBC shoreline

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Much of the Palm Beach County coastline is already feeling the first effects of Hurricane Sandy. Even on Wednesday afternoon, the surf and wind was pounding Palm Beach.

Many people ventured out onto the beach, not to swim, but to watch and feel the impact. "Just want to be part of the storm," said Heather Parker who lives in West Palm Beach.

"Whether it was Wilma or whatever storm you've been through, I can now say that we are experiencing Hurricane Sandy, or whatever part of it we get," she said.

In Juno Beach, the main concern is the sea turtle nests that could be in danger over the next few days. 

Officials from the Loggerhead Marinelife Center say there are dozens of nests on the beach. Each nest contains an estimated one hundred eggs.

"Fortunately right now, we are at the tail end of the turtle nesting season," said Dr. Charlie Manire. "We've got about 70 nests left out there that are at risk unlike earlier in the season when there could have been thousands," he said.

Marinelife Center is monitoring the situation and will have staffers and volunteers out on the beach on Thursday rescuing turtles that have already hatched and are being knocked around in the surf.

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